Health Protection Instrumnt

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Health Protection Instrumnt

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  • This plastic health protection instrument is perfect to relieve all your stress at the comfort of your home. Use it as instructed.
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  • Quickly Improve Your Blood Circulation. Prevent The High And Low Blood Pressure, Removes Lactic Acid & Uric Acid. Relax Tiredness, Improve Insomnia.
  • Ease Pains In The Shoulder, Neck, Waist And Improve The Phenomenon Of Cool Hands And Feet And Anesthesia. Get Rid Of Arthrosis Rheumatism And Nerves Shrink.
  • Frees Up Tight Joints And Organs. Improve The Chronic Disease Such As: Diabetes, Lung Bronchitis. Balances The Yin & Yang Energy. Presses All Reflex Points. Removes Blockages From Channels & Blood Vessels. Relaxes The Muscles.


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