4 Claw Massager

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4 Claw Massager

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  • Enjoy physical science and technology, so that no solution can strike a healthy, 7 synchronous solve big problems
    1. Improve sleep quality
    2 . Ease the stress
    3. Soothing active relax
    4. Regulate gastrointestinal function
    5 . Improve physical function
    6 . Enhance the body immunity
    7 . Promote blood circulation
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  • A unique design enables user to massage body parts otherwise difficult to reach
  • Useful in massaging various body parts like neck, head, back, foot, hips etc
  • Unique roller action improves blood circulation, eases stress and muscle ach
  • Small but powerful. Easy to carry in travel
  • Soft touch plastic material. Ergonomically designed
  • What are the benefits of massage to our health?
  • Through massage , relieve stress, promote blood circulation , relieve waist, back , leg pain and fatigue , feeling comfortable massage , thus achieving the health and relieve stress , especially for those who have been living under high pressure working condition reduces fatigue .


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